Pastoral Ponderings: October 11-12, 2014

-Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time-



Stewardship: A Way of Life

If all goes well, you should have seen today the Stewardship Committee’s video of our parish ministries. This is the final presentation in preparing for next week’s Commitment Weekend.

The notion of commitment as a disciple of the risen Lord has as its foundation the ultimate mandate of Christ at the Mount of Ascension—“Go out into the whole world baptizing in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The vehicle of this command is the Church itself.

God has given each and every one of us everything we have and are as gifts and talents to be shared for the common good. Once we are able to acknowledge this unwarranted giftedness we are then able to nurture these gifts, grow and share them.

Annually we make a commitment by continuing for another year and / or select an entirely new avenue to share of your time, treasure, or financial resources. The video capsulizes the many ministries in our Parish.

The decision of which direction you might go this year must take into account what you’re capable of doing. I know that for many of you, you are at the point of exhaustion in many of these areas of stewardship. While others are more than qualified and able to take a big step forward in any number of components of living as a stewards in serving the Church and her people. Many factors are almost out of our control—Physical and emotional limitations, family responsibilities and financial circumstances. For us older folks we are not able to do what we did ten or fifteen years ago.

St. Joseph has been blessed for over 150 years thanks to the hard working and sacrificing parishioners. All I ask is that you take some time pondering over all these stewardship efforts, you have been exposed and decide what you are going to do for this next year.

I thank you for all you have done in the past and ask God’s blessings as we continue the journey to the kingdom
Jesus calls us to enjoy.

-Fr. Larry Martello

Pastoral Ponderings: October 4-5, 2014

-Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time-



“If Everyone is Rowing—It’s a Lot Easier”

This weekend you will hear from a fellow parishioner sharing his or her journey of faith and commitment to the Church that Jesus has left us. You will discover how the Holy Spirit moved them to a greater and deeper understanding of what it is to be a committed follower of the Lord Jesus.

That might well be any parish’s refrain, since “we’re all in same boat—the boat of faith”. And this boat is on its way to eternity life. If each of us grabs hold the oar starts to row, the boat moves along the way of life. Each of us sharing the labor makes it easier for all of us. One person definitely does make a difference. Added all together, the possibilities are staggering. Just look how we have grown as a parish family at what we have been able to accomplish. No talent or gift is too small not to be multiplied. Many have lamented that they wish they could do more. You have to be the judge when it comes to deciding what you are capable of doing.

Commitment to stewardship is actually the living life style with proportionate sharing of one’s time, talent, and material possessions. All of these have been given to us—as in a trust from God, to be used in his service for the benefit of all in the common good. The foundation of all stewardship is the ultimate giver of all humanity—the only Son of God.

You have hopefully received a packet of information to help you prepare for our annual commitment Sunday, October 18-19. If you haven’t received this packet by now, please stop by the parish office on week days or after Mass the next few days. Pray to the Holy Spirit that he will guide you, into how you might help the whole parish team.

Fr. Tom Rath’s 90th Birthday:

FrRathSome of you might remember his staying here during the early years of his retirement. You might like
to send him a card:

Fr. Thomas Rath
5232 Broadview Road #188
Richfield, OH 44286

-Fr. Larry Martello

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