Pastoral Ponderings: September 13-14, 2014

-Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross-


Black Granite St. Josephv3

150th Jubilee Celebration
St. Joseph Church

A Year of Joyful Praise:

It’s difficult to believe that our year of jubilee is drawing to an end. We offer thanks for the past accomplishments of our parish, the ones we enjoy today, and we commit our lives to the future. In keeping with our custom this year, here follows another prayer to St. Joseph.

Joseph, Companion of Hope

Abba, God our Father,
You are the source of life;
Your Word nourishes us
as it did Joseph, companion of hope.
May it also nourish our faith
and make us grow in love of you.


Help us to recognize your Spirit
at work in our world.
May the Spirit inspire us to respond
to the needs of our time
and grant us the strength to work out solutions.


Guide us on the way of compassion, that
we may be present to the sufferings we see around us.
Help us to be filled with loving care and tender concern
the way Jesus was.


Should our hope fail us for a moment,
make us remember, Abba, God our Father,
the courage of Joseph,
who accompanies us on the way.
May your grace help us to keep our eyes fixed
on Jesus our Savior.


-Fr. Larry Martello

Pastoral Ponderings: September 6-7, 2014

-Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time-


From The Desk of the Pastor2

Where Two or Three Are Gathered

We’re all in this together—the Ship of Faith— that’s the theme for today’s reading and a fitting summary as we prepare to close our Jubilee Year. Jesus did not leave us alone to live out our lives. He left us a humble group of believers—not all perfect or saints, but believers. He stressed the need to keep families together as the support structure for our daily lives among the community of believers.

For over two thousand years he has left ordinary folks, like you and me, to carry on the message of the Gospel and celebrate his mercy and love. We enjoy the faith-labors of many “team members” as we look around St. Joseph Parish. They didn’t do it alone and neither are we able to do it alone. As baptized Christians we have been showered with abundant blessings along with a mission to share those with others. Each of us does it in our own way. No one may say to another, “we don’t need your gift.” The truth is that alone we are incomplete. It is only together within the community of believers that our gathered and composite gifts shine and come to fruition in the fullest and most complete fashion.

Individually and corporately our parish has been abundantly blessed. We stand proud from those days of the first church on Tenney Avenue, right down to our current, beautiful and functioning campus. Some of you remember the cast iron stove heating the first church. Others enjoyed the first air conditioned Mass in our current gymnasium. Others witnessed the turning of the first shovel of dirt marking the expansion of the school, chapel, office and parish hall.

As this ship of faith sails along sometimes the sailing is smooth and at other times it is stormy and turbulent. Through all types of weather the foundation is always one and the same—our relationship with the risen Lord Jesus. We are all disciples of the Christ who draws us into carrying on the mission of the Church.

-Fr. Larry Martello

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