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-Second Sunday of Lent -


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And Jesus was transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun.
Mark 9: 2-10

So far there’s only been one Transfiguration in Christianity; the kind with the capital T. But there have been plenty of others with the lower case t: like Paul of Tarsus, Christianhunter, who became the Apostle to the Gentiles. Or take Augustine, orator and playboy of the fourth century, who became the bishop of Hippo and a doctor of the Church. Ignatius of Loyola, self-indulgent soldier of fortune, marched into history as the founder of the Jesuits. Spoiled little
Therese became the saint of the “Little Way.” Dorothy Day, bohemian and quasi-socialist, morphed into the convert founder of the Catholic Worker. Which leaves the rest of us: believers who accept the package of Christianity but are not sure we want our lives transfigured by it.

Which saint, in the Church’s canon or beyond it, speaks to you most powerfully? How might your life be transformed if you surrendered to the holy influence?

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