Pastoral Ponderings: August 16-17, 2014

-Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time-


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There is No Substitute

There may be alternatives, but no substitute for a good solid Catholic education! The challenges our young people face today cry out for some force to make sense of a very troubled world. The only one to make sense and guide us through our lives is Jesus Christ. All of us, but especially our young students, are confronted with a world culture of growing disbelief. This decline of religion and disbelief will certainly become an important and negative factor when it comes to the world our youngest citizens will create.

Although our young people are good-willed and have a generous spirit of service, they will need Christian ideals to lead and guide them in the ways of faith, charity, moral principles, justice, the dignity of every human person, and true Christian service.

The challenges they are going to face, I am afraid to say, are probably beyond our present imagination. Moving beyond the high school diploma onto the collegiate, military, professional, or entry into the daily work force level lie some serious decisions they are going have to make.

Catholic education is at the heart of every parish and particularly here at St. Joseph’s. It is truly a valuable tool for evangelization and the new evangelization which the Holy Fathers, since Pope Saint John Paul II, have called us. This responsibility grows more serious as we notice the constant and rapid transformation the world is undergoing.

Many students are taught (directly or indirectly) that faith and science contradict each other. Since faith is unable to offer scientific or intellectual proof, it is considered make-believe or imaginary. That’s not true here at our school or PSR programs.

Check this bulletin or school website for school news about the “walk-through” on August 18th and the startup of school on August 20th.

-Fr. Larry Martello

Pastoral Ponderings: August 2-3, 2014

-Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time-



Feeding the Multitudes:

From so little the Lord makes so much. Jesus is able to use two fish and five loaves of bread to satisfy the hunger of thousands. Will he not be able to satisfy not only our physical hunger, but more importantly our spiritual hunger as well? I found this short hymn of thanksgiving which parallels the multiplication story.

We thank you almighty and loving Father, for sending him to dwell among us, born of the people of Abraham whom you multiplied as stars of heaven, and sands of the seashore; born of the people of Moses whom you led through the desert. Going before them in a pillar of fire and cloud; born of the daughter of Sion, in whom the promise of his coming was fulfilled and the sign of our fulfillment given.

We thank you for the good news that he proclaimed and for all he did in our midst. He fed the hungry, and said that his food was to do your will. He gave drink to the thirsty, and taught us to thirst for the living water. He healed the sick, and declared his power to forgive sins. He let his glance fall on the lonely and showed us that God is love.

Above all we thank you for the love he bore us till the end. Send down upon us your Holy Spirit and make of yet more perfectly a royal priesthood empowered to proclaim before all peoples your saving name.”

Whenever discouragement of what seems to be so little we have to offer, remember how Jesus adds all of us, our talents, and resources to his grace and multiplies beyond our human recognition. Don’t hesitate to step forward and share something of who you are with those just standing around, waiting for bread.

-Fr. Larry Martello

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