-Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time -



“What sign can you do, that we may see and believe in you?”
John 6: 24-35

A common mistake is to attribute to a performer the talents stemming from a higher source. While it’s true that artists, athletes, teachers, or scholars must develop their natural abilities to realize their fullest potential, the innate gift comes unbidden to them. The humble performer acknowledges this. In fact, them main distinction between the arrogant and the modest is the spirit of gratitude for all who contributed to their success.

The crowds around Jesus attributes to Moses the magical ability to provide bread in the wilderness. They expect Jesus to perform similar feats if he wants them to invest in him. Jesus points out that if Moses was a wonderworker, the works themselves were entirely at God’s initiative. Then Jesus says something quite new: that he does not provide mere bread but comes to be the bread himself. This idea reduces most of us to silence.

How do I give glory to God for the talents and successes of my life?

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