TODAY’S SUNDAY READING: January 25, 2015

-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time -


 Jan-25-2015 bulletin preview image
“This is the time of fulfillment.
The kingdom of God is at hand.”
Mark 1: 14-20

Here’s that prophet, riding our bumper again. Only yikes, this time it’s Jesus! He issues an invitations to get moving, to fall in step behind him. Then he moves on. It’s now or never.

We know the names of the people who accepted the invitation and got behind him. We don’t know the names of anyone who declined, or would have done it if circumstances had been better at the time. Later on, a few people deliver up some excuses about why they can’t follow Jesus right now: family obligations, weddings or funerals and property business. Jesus doesn’t argue. He also doesn’t wait.

This week, we salute the Catholic School System in the country. It set generations of American Catholics on the road to higher learning and responsible citizenship. From the time of John Carroll, first bishop in the United States, a Catholic education has been a high priority for forming the Catholic soul in America. If the Church is to have another generation of prophets to ride us into complicity, they’ll likely have their start here.

Who speaks to you prophetically and personally:
popes, pastors, family, mentors public figures?
How do you follow what they say?