-Third Sunday of Easter -


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“Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts?”
Luke 24: 35-48

I’ve yet to meet a believing person, traditional or progressive, who doesn’t have questions on a secret list of Things to Ask God About in Kingdom Come because we all know the world doesn’t add up. History is full of horrors. Life isn’t fair. And innocent people often get caught in the crosshairs of injustice. Most thinking people are quite capable of holding tow distinct and contradictory ideas at once: 1) I believe that injustice in this world will be answered with perfect and divine justice in the next. And 2) Why in the world does God allow these things to happen? Why doesn’t God do something right now to stop it?

In theology school, my friends sat up nights arguing about the necessity of the crucifixion and why God, who can do anything, didn’t seek an unbloody way to save the world. Then half of us became lay Church workers. The questions are asked because they are real , not because we’re all cynical. Jesus answers all questions with the frank presentation of himself, glorified wounds and all.

Do faith and questioning coexist in you? How is a questioning faith useful?


-Sunday of Divine Mercy -


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And the victory that conquers our world is out faith.
1 John 5: 1-6

Life can be a trial for us, in ways big and small. People drive us crazy with demands that seem unreasonable (at least to us). The inability to have things our way can be annoying, frustrating, of completely unacceptable, depending on what’s at stake. But most of the daily irritations are small potatoes. The genuine trials are more serious, pertaining to matters like illness, disability, financial jeopardy, the loss of a livelihood, the end of a fundamental relationships, or grief. In this terrain, we may find the terms set out for us unbearable. Some days getting out of bed seems like a losing battle in a hopeless cause.

When our personal resources are too frail or inadequate to match the trials we face, there is still hope. The love of God has already conquered the world, danced the victory over every loss, injustice, even death. The one who bore the cross can easily bear us up, too, in the valley of the shadows. We may feel we’ve lost everything. But God never loses hold of us.

Where, how, or in whom do you seek support when you reach the end of your own resources?

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