-Fifth Sunday of Lent -


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“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.”
John 12: 20-33

Lent can feel like the longest season on the church calendar. It isn’t: Easter has it beat by ten days, and Ordinary Time is dozens of weeks longer. But neither of those seasons make the same deliberate claims on us that Lent does. We set tasks for ourselves as we make our way through the Lenten wilderness. We feel challenged by our goals, sometimes heartened or embarrassed by our ability to meet them.

So however we’ve spent the last five weeks, patting ourselves on the back or mortified by our weakness, we may be startled to hear Jesus say the hour is come. It’s not Holy Week yet, but the machinery of his opposition is already in motion. When the outside world comes looking for Jesus, represented by the Greek Seekers, Jesus declares this a sign that his mission to Israel is at an end. The gospel has places to go from here. It’s a big world.

Where has the gospel gone through your life? Where might it go next?


-Fourth Sunday of Lent -


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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.
John 3: 14-21

The world God created is full of light. So much beauty; hope, and possibility. And yet many people choose to live in darkness: to hide, to lie, to prey, and to destroy. So our world full of light is also now dangerously dark. We fear the potential for violence. We fear, alas, each other.

Is there anything we can do to make things better? We can. We can commit to be bearers of light wherever we go, in every context, each relationship, no matter the circumstances, and despite the personal cost. We have to resist fighting darkness with some darkness of our own. Jesus is the light of God, and that light was hung on the cross like a lampstand. If we carry light, it’s not for stuffing under a basket. We must endure being lifted up.

What do you love? What would you risk for the sake of love?

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