Pastoral Ponderings: January 4-5, 2014

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord



If the Magi Knew Enough:

Saint Paul, in today’s second reading (to the Ephesians), clearly states he is a steward of God’s grace to us and the Church. He received the gift of God’s grace, nurtured it along with the apostles, and was sent forth to share the Good News of salvation to the world.

In like manner, the three magi recognized the stature and magnitude of this new born king and to show their gratitude, they brought these gifts to the child from their treasures. These gifts represent who they were, their successes and a deep loving respect for this infant king. Contrast them to the greed and pride of Herod. His intention is not to recognize and pay homage, but to take and do away with this new born threat. Matthew places these contradictory human forces in the context of the birth of the King of Justice and Peace.

As the magi came before the Christ child with their gifts of gratitude and homage, you and I gather around our parish community expressing our gratitude to God for his many blessings. We too are grateful for who we are, the love we have experienced, and the triumphs and achievements we have accomplished. From this abundance we step forward: in prayer, service and in charity. Whatever our giftedness might happen to be we tap into those resources for the benefit of others. As generously as we have received, so generously are to give. We magnify the dignity of our sharing of time, treasure and talent when we align ourselves in the grace of this holy season.

May we grow our gifts for the sake of the Gospel through our generous participation in the life and ministry of the entire Church.



A Thank You: From Fr. Michael and Me

For you all who made this Advent and Christmas Season one of prayer, hope and joy—our thanks! Beginning with the Advent Wreath to the Hosanna’s of Christmas your generous service to the community and us is most welcomed. We recognize—like those of the Magi—your gifts and “Holy Day” prayers and best wishes to us. Know that they are much appreciated.

-Fr. Larry Martello