Parish Picnic Committee


Mission: To plan and coordinate the annual parish picnics with the hope of gathering parishioners, old and young alike, to enjoy food, fun, and games together. Even though the picnics are held individually at this time, parishioners are encouraged to attend one another’s picnic and even join the committees from both parishes to help in the planning process.

Talent: The ability to help in planning, decorating, and overseeing games for children and adults. 

Time: Moderate.  Two or three monthly meetings, weekly meetings the month before (if needed), and your presence at the picnic. St. Joseph is currently looking for a parishioner to lead this ministry.

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Carol Shinsky,  440-989-1323,; (Looking for new Ministry Leader, training will be provided)

Ministry Leader at Nativity: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,