Music Ministries

Below is information about being a Cantor,  joining the Contemporary or Resurrection Choir and being an Instrumentalists. 


Mission: To encourage active participation in the Liturgy through song.

Talents: The enjoyment of singing or the ability to play an instrument, as well as the willingness to learn the music. The ability to read music is not necessary.

Time: Moderate. Practice for one hour typically every week.

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,;

Ministry Leader at Nativity: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,



Mission: As a music ministry, our primary mission is to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ through sacred music. Furthermore, it is also the mission of the music ministry to facilitate the fulfillment of the overall vision of St. Joseph Church through the delivery of spiritual and spirit-led music that enhances the liturgy and anointed music that edifies, inspires and challenges the Body of Christ and further enables them to experience Christ on a personal level.

Talents: The only qualification needed is the desire to glorify God through your voice, with the purpose of rejoicing in and worshiping the Lord through music and singing. We accomplish this by recruiting new choir members and teaching new music.

Time: Commitment of time is one weekly rehearsal for about an hour generally in the afternoon; on occasion in the evening and the Saturday 4 p.m. Mass.  

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Ron Renick, 440-233-4386,



Mission: To sing for funeral liturgies and provide a sense of parish support to the families of the deceased.

Talents: Availability during the day and the ability to sing.

Time: Variable — Approximately one hour per funeral. No rehearsals or meetings required.

Ministry Leader: Sheila Montgomery, 440-988-5367,;

Co-Leader: Sue Underwood, 440-988-5765,


Mission: To provide support to the choir and enhance the liturgy through music. To find a nice spiritually moving liturgy on Sundays and Holy Days.

Talents: The ability to play almost any musical instrument that would support a worship service.

Time: Variable/Moderate, typically practice every week for one hour.

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,;  

Ministry Leader at Nativity: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,