Mission Team

St. Joseph Mission Team


Mission: Sharing our God-given gifts by building relationships with many people, supporting projects, helping people in ways that are meaningful and lasting and sharing the Gospel. More importantly the mission team goals are to know our brothers and sisters in Christ, to love and serve them. Jesus gives us the freedom to go into our mission trips and serve others with the goal of just plain ministering. Whether it is going on a mission trip to El Salvador, helping Catholic Charities, or donating to special causes in which the Mission Team has been involved.

Talent: Willing hands and hearts with the willingness to love people.

Time: One meeting a month; one to two hours. Volunteering for fundraisers three to five hours twice a year. If desired a one-week mission to El Salvador.

Ministry Leader: John Sabo, 440-984-4429, stjosephmissionteam@gmail.com