Meals for the Shelter


Mission: To provide one hot meal the first Friday of each month throughout the year for the St. Elizabeth Center located at 2726 Caroline Ave. in Lorain. This ministry provides a way of continuing the mission of Jesus to evangelize the world by showing our love and care for our homeless brothers. Our members are organized into six groups, each with a captain who leads 12 to 15 individuals each, who cook enough food to serve 50 people a meal.   

Talents: The only prerequisite is the desire to serve the needy with your gifts and talents.  All the meals are prepared at your own expense, but because of the number of parishioners involved, each individual is only asked to make enough food to feed approximately six people.                                                           

Time: Once part of team, the time for the individuals involved is fairly low, preparing a meal roughly twice a year.

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Linda Howell, 440-989-1513,;

Ministry Leader at Nativity: Lucy Constanzo, 440-935-1427,