Marriages: Diocesan policy requires a six-month period of preparation before marriage. A couple is to contact one of our priests or deacons to arrange for a particular date and program of preparation before any date will be finalized. Attendance at one of the pre-marriage preparation programs and a compatibility evaluation are required. Please call the Parish Office for further information.

Pre-Marriage Preparation: After consulting the priest or deacon assisting you in getting married, a couple will choose from several programs. The Diocesan Web Site lists information for most of these: under Ministries, Marriage & Family. Couples interested in the local one-day program at St. Patrick’s Church in Wellington please call our Parish Office or consult the web.

Pre-Marriage / Pre-Cana Program

Mission: To share a spiritual journey with those preparing for marriage.

Talents Needed: Married couples with a willingness to share insight about spirituality, effective communication, and relationship skills in married life.

Time Donation: Our deacon, his wife, and 5-6 married couples for one Sunday per year, usually in June.

Vision for the Future: To continue helping engaged couples fulfill the Pre-Cana requirements of the diocese.