Hospitality Messengers

Come Join Us

The word hospitality literally means the “cordial and generous reception of guests.” St. Joseph Parish strives to be a warm and welcoming parish, extending hospitality to all who gather here for worship as well as social community events.

Jesus fully enjoyed hospitality. He often shared a meal at someone’s home or sat around the campfire talking with others. He would even invite himself to people’s homes for dinner! Wonder what those visits must have been like? What did they talk about? Bet they laughed—and Jesus taught them. These gatherings gave them all an opportunity to get to know each other and become more like family. The gatherings also enabled them to grow in respect and love for one another and grow in faith.

Three times a year volunteers members of our Hospitality Messengers Team place phone calls to extend a warm, friendly, and personal invitation to members of the parish and their guests to join us for special events such as the annual Parish Appreciation Picnic, Advent Day and Lenten Mission. These events help us get to know each other and help us grow in our own faith.

Would you like to help us spread the hospitality of Jesus and of St. Joseph’s Parish? It doesn’t take long, and everything needed is provided. For more information or to sign-up as a Hospitality Messenger contact Maria Maldonado at 440-988-2848, ext. 205, or email her at Together we continue to build a vibrant and welcoming St. Joseph Parish.