Giving Tree

Giving Tree

Mission: To collect and distribute gifts and basic necessities for the needy and for groups such as the Genesis House, Birthright and nursing homes.

Talents Needed: Willingness and ability to donate short amounts of time during Advent, especially on the first three weekends. Ornaments need to be prepared, trees need to be decorated and re-decorated, gifts need to be grouped
and delivered.

Time Donation: Low – Approximately 12 hours per year during the Christmas season.

Vision for the Future: To attract more volunteers to maintain the ministry.

If you have any questions please call Linda Gross st 787-3685.

Giving Tree Instructions

During Advent, the Giving Trees are located at each entrance of the Church. If you wish to participate, take an ornament from the tree, purchase the gift listed on the back, and use the ornament as a gift tag on the outside of your box or bag. DO NOT REMOVE THE YARN because it is a code to aid in sorting gifts. Golden Acres gifts must be wrapped, but do not wrap Genesis House or Birthright gifts. Please be sure to return the gift to the narthex by December 13th.