Fr. Tim’s Homily for April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord – A



Isaiah 50: 4-7

Philippians 2: 6-11

Matthew 26: 14-26: 66



Matthew Kelly, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, pages 189-216

Chapter 6: “A New Level of Thinking”

and the Epilogue


For six weeks in Lent we have been reading and studying together Matthew Kelly’s book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic:  prayer, study, generosity and evangelization.  Each Sunday, I have been relating some of the Scripture readings to each section of the book.

Today, on Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, we finish with chapter 6, “A New Level of Thinking,” and the Epilogue.  You will find this week’s discussion questions in the bulletin.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze,” says Saint Catherine of Siena [1347-1380].

That is another way of saying that if you are the best version of yourself – if we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves – we can change the world.

And we can do this, all because of what Jesus has done for us by His cross and resurrection – which we just proclaimed in the Passion account according to Saint Matthew.

What is required of us is a new level of thinking.

Throughout this book, we have explored a number of key concepts:

continuous improvement;

incremental spirituality;

continuous learning;

best practices;

game changers;

personal transformation;

“I can do that!”;


engagement and disengagement;

meeting people where they are;

Win, Build, Send;

you get what you can measure;

the 80/20 principle;

and the four signs of a Dynamic Catholic:  prayer, study, generosity and evangelization.

Always be thinking about how well you apply these key concepts in your daily life.

Every time you get involved in our parishes in any way, try to apply one of these concepts.

Imagine what would happen if we intentionally organized everything we do in the Church around the four signs.

Imagine if, from cradle to grave, we focused on helping Catholics develop the four signs.

Are you ready to let Jesus take you to the next level in your spiritual life?

When enough people answer “yes” to this question, the Church will again become fresh and vibrant, relevant and invigorated.

And God will use us not only to transform our parishes and the Church, but also to change the world.

Use this Holy Week for prayer, for study, for generosity and to evangelize – to continue growing as a Dynamic Catholic.  

If you only come to church this week on Palm Sunday and on Easter Sunday, you will miss a lot.

Our Holy Week schedule is printed in this weekend’s bulletin.  Take a copy with you today, and participate in as many events as you can this Holy Week.

Let’s make this the best Holy Week that we have ever spent!

Can we do this?  Yes or yes?

Yes, we can, fellow Dynamic Catholics.  Yes, we can, with God’s grace and favor.

Happy Holy Week, everyone!