Eucharistic Minsters, Mass


Mission: To assist the celebrant priest in distributing the Body (Holy Communion) and Blood (Consecrated Wine) to parishioners present at Mass.

Talents: Must be a member in good standing with the Church and possess an inner spirituality and a firm belief that you are handling the Body and Blood of Christ and not just bread and wine. A firm desire to honor the commitment to be present when scheduled.

Time: Rotating monthly schedule(s) based on the number of ministers available per Mass. Ministers are typically scheduled to work one month at a time. There is an initial class sponsored by the diocese, and an introductory class at St. Joseph’s. Thereafter, there is usually a yearly review and prayer session.

Ministry Leader at St. Joseph: Tim Nye, Scheduler, 440-988-3565,;

Co-Leader at St. Joseph: Ross Maenza, 440-258-1764,;

Ministry Leader at Nativity: Ed Klimczak, 440-320-3508,

EM, Mass schedule for June, July & August 2020

If you need a Schedule and Roster, please contact the Parish Office.  Thank you.