Mission: To help offer hospitality for various parish events and to help offer comfort to people grieving the loss of a loved one by baking for funeral luncheons. Please sign for one or more of the following: general baking, funeral baking, and/or making phone calls.

Talent: Baking or purchasing baked goods and/or making phone calls when baked goods are needed.

Time: Variable, dependent on parish activities and funeral luncheon needs, as well as the number of parish Bakers. Generally Bakers are asked three or four times a year.

Funeral Bakers may be needed more frequently. Calls are rotated through the list so no one is overburdened. Callers are provided with a list of people to call for each event.

Ministry Leader St. Joseph: Evelyn Caffarel, 440-452-4361, (Looking for a Co-Leader for this Ministry, training will be provided)